Mark Antman: Making His Mark in the World of Photography



Few people in this world have the grit and determination in this world that has changed their life path from one to the other, mid-way. Dr. Mark Antman comes into this rare category of people who were able to change their career paths and what makes him more successful is the fact that he is the owner and co-founder of the widely known Image Works Studio. Mark has done his job as a photographer and an entrepreneur quite successfully for over a period of over 30 yrs or so. Mark Antman had acquired his degree in the field of chemistry and biology from the prestigious New York University. He was just thinking about enrolling in a medical course, but even before he graduated from college, his real passion was just about to knock on the doors of his destiny.


The Image Works Studio was found in the year of 1983 along with Alan Carey, the partner of Mark and the co-owner of Image Works. The studio had got a very simple start as a photographic booth as Dr. Mark Antman was interested into photography just as a part time hobby. He had an impressive academic career as he was a double degree holder in the subjects of Chemistry and Biology; both of which were acquired from the prestigious New York University. His tryst with the art of photography happened when he was in college and that time he had the career of a medical professional in his mind. But all this was soon about to change as little did he know that he would soon become a bright star in the field of photography. The studio had started to gain popularity and gradually it started to become a profitable and flourishing studio with the advent of time.


It was also for Mark Antman’s ingenious thinking and entrepreneurial views that he knew what methods would work for the promotion of the studios. Mark had made the studio listed on Jigsaw, which had tremendously helped Image Studios is gaining a lot of popularity among many people and won many clients over a period of time. Even after Alan’s retirement from the studio in the year of 2001, nothing deterred Mark’s passion in the Image Works Studio. The studio still has got a lot of clients that keep on increasing by the day. Some of the well known advertising firms, schools, libraries etc all come to Image Works for finding the perfect photo.




Used Car Dealers or Private Sellers: Authoritative the Right Choice


Among the a lot of cogent difficulties that humans appointment if advance in a acclimated car is the actuality we all don’t apprehend artlessly area to acquirement one. The city-limits of Chicago serves a lot of car dealerships. Which one should we choose? Chicago acclimated car dealers tend to be about just about everywhere and that just sums to the botheration of area to attending for the best. You will see not just one but two accessible selections which we all may accede in advance in a acclimated used cars chicago. There are your Chicago acclimated car dealers as able-bodied as alone acclimated car traders. Which one offers the a lot of benign amount for any acclimated car? These evaluations may in actuality advice you:

Chicago Acclimated Car Dealers


These acclimated car dealers are added organized in authoritative use of their artefact sales strategies and routines. You can, after agnosticism acquisition testimonies apropos the aggregation in the Internet and advance through feedbacks from added people. These traders accept an alone abutment that is consistently available. You’re cocky that this car that they bazaar is in a abundant action because they will not present something that will ruin their company.


The costs of their acclimated cars are a little bit college because of the shares that they will get from the seller. Chicago acclimated car dealers present basal advice about the acclimated car that you wish because they’re just alone aseptic on the blueprint of your car, queries apropos the history of the car or the active adventures of your antecedent buyer is acceptable to be unanswered.